With our experience as product developers, we can offer you a whole range of services and audits

Product development

  • Range review : We analyze and propose new products in order to rationalize and improve your range
  • Roadmap construction : Base on your range review we can build your 2 -3 years roadmap , depending on the trends , new innovations and allocated budget
  • Sustainable development : Involving in sustainable development we can propose products , materials , packagings sustainability designed, or even rely on our factory network to produce closer to the point of sale


  • ASIA : In Taiwan and China we set a strong pool of factory partner in order to reduce cost , but also to benefit of the huge know How of a strong industry
  • EMEA : We can source in the quasy totality of Europe depending your needs , nowdays local production can be a sucess key

Profitability increasing

  • Scale economy : Find synergies in the production of your goods to get the lowest price
  • Costs Rationalization : Quality control , material , production place…
  • Product Outsourcing : Focus on the development of your business, and outsource the product development

Tooling management

  • Tooling factory Transfer / Reproduction : Based on our tooling factory experience , we can create tooling with your factory partner , moove existant ones , or even re-create them
  • Tooling factory development